The Upside Down Machine

Kenley wearing shorts for the first time. Lord do I love the chunky legs you have given her!

Great Aunt Dee-Dee gave the girls a new outfit each. She said that they needed ‘play clothes‘ and knew that they didn’t own any shorts. Wait, maybe Britton has a smocked shorts set. Any way, Kenley liked her halter top. She thought she was fancy stuff.

We are leaving next weekend for Shands. I am trying not to think too much about it- instead using my energy to focus on playing with her.

Tonight, we played the ‘Upside down machine’ game that I invented. I took turns turning the girls upside down. Kenley actually loved it! Maybe she is getting a little more frisky after all.

We also did some airplane rides. Kenley much prefers to hold her green and pink blankets and love on me.

Kenley’s latest game, that makes her laugh out loud (and my heart burst) is playing hide and seek with Britton. I carry Kens and we chase Britton once we find her. Kenley absolutely loves it!

I best get to packing, I am taking the girls to visit a friend this weekend then heading over to Reynolds Plantation for a wedding. Whew, I am either crazy or smart to be getting out of this house. Not sure which yet.. will know soon enough.