Meet the Surgeon

Our little cheeto queen

Today, we drove back to Gainesville to meet Kenley’s heart surgeon. We had met him previously at a support-group-type-seminar so we felt like we somewhat “knew him”. Dr. Mark Bleiweis was very nice, professional, empathetic, and confident (however not conceited) in his ability to repair Kenley’s heart.

He answered all our questions, spent time with us, played with Kenley and took the time to really explain things. He even called (while we were sitting there) our Cardiologist’s PA to arrange for her to meet us at the hospital (we were at the ‘clinic’). Before we left, he introduced us to the “new” heart surgeon that recently moved from Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. He was very nice, however I am not sure- but I might have been older than him. Is that even possible? I’ve only been out of high school for 12 years?

After spending an hour with our pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon (if I keep typing his official title, maybe I will get used to the idea of having to meet a surgeon) we pushed Kens in her stroller two blocks down to Shand’s Hospital.

We saw the Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Ped floor, cafeteria (we were impressed that there is a Starbucks, Wendy’s, Einstein Bagels, and my favorite.. TCBY).

Sadly, in some unintentional way I find that I have been looking forward to these visits over the past year.

I lay out my outfit and Kenley’s the night before, pack her diaper bag, vacuum my truck. First off, Kenley gets top notch treatment and her vitals, organs, and pressures are scrutinized thoroughly. I absolutely look forward to getting updated on how she is doing on the inside.

Secondly, and I don’t want this to sound too strange, I look forward to the road trip. Mike and I don’t go many places so I sometimes look forward to our excursions with little Kens- even if it is to a Children’s speciality clinic.

We definitely enjoying spending time with Kenley- sometimes I think that the only time we spend time with just her is at the clinic.

That is about to change. First off- after the operation, we will be traveling to Gainesville less and less until we only have to go every year.

And- not a close second- Big Daddy and I are “getting away” next week, just the two of us, for the first time in a year. We could use the distraction and time together.