The Mobile Nail Shoppe

At the age of barely-4, already liking the idea of painted nails.

She almost hyper ventilates when she blows them dry

While doing “errands” with Big Daddy today, Britton returned with a make up set. It comes complete with pink nail polish, pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow.. you get the picture. After she painted Big Daddy’s toes, she turned her attention towards her ten tiny fingernails.

About the time she was ready to dry them, I was ready for an afternoon run. 4 days without exercising leaves me feeling uglhh. She scooted herself into the double job stroller (I often run with just one child in the double stroller- my preference actually) and off we went.

As she stuck her pink fingernails out the side of the stroller, Britton immediately told me to run faster. Mind you, it was probably about 90 degrees, hilly, and she weighs close to 36 pounds. Easy for her to say!

What a picture it must have been to see me huffing and puffing, pushing this big stroller up a hill with her little hands out the side trying to dry her pink sparkly fingernails.