More Mary’ish

Britton having her fingernails painted. She picked out a red with sparkles- Mama asked her to tone it down some since we are headed to a wedding at the Ritz Carlton this weekend. Isn’t there a rule somewhere that you have to be 20 before you can wear red polish or red lipstick?
Britton wasn’t so sure why this woman was filing and buffing her toenails. This was definately a first for Britty. Don’t get too used to it sweet girl!
This photo is very small, I don’t know why. Dry time.

In an effort to be more ‘Mary Like’, today I took Britton with me for some one on one time. I had a deadline for work this morning so I was consumed with ‘work stuff’ for the better half of this morning.

Lunch time rolled around and Mama Mary was here with the girls. Before walking out the door, I looked over into the family room and Britton was sitting on her overstuffed chair watching TV. I asked if she wanted to go “run errands” with me and she immediately ran to fetch her shoes.

4 years old is such a fun age. She can do so many things with me. I decided that we would have lunch together and get our nails so. And that is just what we did. Mexican lunch (Britton wanted chips- oh the healthy eater that I’ve raised), manicure and pedicures for both, shopping and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to round off our afternoon.

No other errands- just Britton and Mommy time. Wednesday’s are typically sacred to me, as that is the one day I get 5 hours without the girls to run errands, have alone time. Now granted, usually (as I’ve said before) this time is spent at the grocery or bank or some other very exciting place.. but today was devoted only to Britton.

I took some photos with my Treo, because of course I didn’t have a real camera. You will have to forgive the poor clarity.

Now I know what it must be like for my mom to have me and my sister as her friends.