Little Rails

I love this picture! Railey chilling with the piano man. Watch out Cafe Cabernet!
Railey visiting her Auntie G in Tallahassee- 3 months old
Railey posing for her Aunt G- still three months old.

I haven’t had a recent photo of my favorite, and only, God daughter Railey Elizabeth. I believe this is our first official photo together. She loves me. Little Rails was born with her hip out of socket and is wearing a brace to get it back into place for good.

She is a very determined little boogar and has already gotten that hip to move back into its correct place. She is so sweet and not minding her 23-hours-a-day frog position. With a face that round and cute, who cares!

She is about to surpass her younger God Sister Kenley in the weight realm. In one corner, weighing in at 15 lbs Railey will be handing down her dresses to lil’ Kens.

Railey is being baptized the weekend after Kenley’s surgery and I hate to miss it- a baptism is a big deal! I broke out the old sewing machine and made something special just for her.