Return to Home

Dog Island

We returned home today, after about a 4 day getaway to the local Gulf Coast. It took about 12 hours into the trip for me to relax, but boy did I. We took the boat to Dog Island, went to Apalachicola for shopping and supper, headed over to Mexico Beach to visit friends, and even stopped for my favorite- choclate chip cookie dough ice cream!

It was a relaxing time for me and Big Daddy to get away- it briefly reminded me of what it was like when we first were married. What should we do for dinner? Go out, okay. Let’s leave in 10 minutes, no problem. Can we go into this shop with “breakables”- sure! Day long road trip? No problem!

We missed our little girls. Upon returning home, I immediately noticed that Britton was taller, and Kenley’s blonde hair had grown longer. I don’t mean to sound smug, or feel smug, but we live such a blessed life. God it too too kind!