Birthday’s 4th Birthday Party- the finale

The cake was the highlight of Britton’s birthday. I joked and said next year, we will forget the party and just get her a cake. She sat and started at it for a long, long time. Since Sasssy was the one to pick it up, she continued to thank her for the cake. It was a cute cake, it matched her invitations.

This is my favorite photo from her birthday- blowing out the candles.

Britton’s friends, all “dressed up”, singing Happy Birthday!

Today marked the finale to ‘Britton’s Birthday week’. We had about 20 of her closest girlfriends over for ‘Dress Up and Desserts’. They were dressed in white as brides, pink princesses, with tutus and wings fluttering all over the house.

The girls had so much fun- sang happy birthday, played outside, had tea and ate cake and ice cream. It was a good day and our family is so blessed.

Battery in the camera is low from my happy snapping fingers that it will need to charge prior to my posting…