What I love about the “here and now” age

Age 4

  1. the honesty (mommy, you are as pweddy as aiwall when you ware your make up)
  2. the thoughtfulness (mommy, dese flowers are four you )
  3. the compliments (mommy, i like yooh dwess- its so pwetty!)
  4. the goals (I want to be a pwincess like sin-da-lella)
  5. the creativity (you be da fare-we-god-mader and I will be sin-da-lella… I will come cwy in your lap and you tell me ids gonna be bedder)

Age 1

  1. It just takes your smile to make them smile
  2. the dependence
  3. beginnings of verbal communication (its a ball, its a book, diaper, nose, etc)
  4. will eat anything (haven’t been introduced to sugar quite yet)
  5. the little feet!

Pigeons and Piggy Back Rides

Britton had ‘Parent’s Night’ at her preschool tonight. We met in the sanctuary for prayer, brief meeting then walked down the hallway into the various classrooms.

Britton’s new teacher is wonderful! She is one of the happiest people I have ever met and has 25 years teaching experience. She walked us through their daily rituals, songs, activities, lesson plans, etc.

When she asked for questions, one of the Dad’s pointed to a large birdcage against the wall (probably 5′ tall) with a large white beach towel draped over it.

Mrs. Happy said, “those are our class pets- Peace and Joy. They are in a delicate situation (mating) so I have put the towel over them to give them privacy and not scare the children.

Mrs. Happy goes on to say that while playing yesterday, Britton pointed up to the bird cage and said, “I like it win day give each odder piggy back wides!”

18 days post-op

This is Kenley, 18 days after her open heart surgery.
We were at Shands on Friday, August 24th for her post op visit.

Below is what I hope to be my last heart related update on Kens:

Kenley had her post-op visit today at Shands including another round of chest xrays and an EKG.

She is 18 days post surgery and everything looks good!
Her heart is pacing great and the rhythm is normal. Gosh, I love that word.
For the first time, I can put my hand on her chest and feel her heart beating- not swooshing.

As explained to me, it isn’t likely that her heart will JET again (Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia).
This is what happened 24 hours after surgery. Whew.

She is walking, playing and sleeping… a lot of sleeping.

I don’t mean to continually send emails about Kenley- however I realize how many people have been praying for the Kens so I only feel it is right to share the latest news with you.

From this point on, Kenley is off her cardiac medications and will be routinely examined by her pediatric cardiologist at Shands.

We hope to have no news to share for a very long time :)


You should put me in…

This morning as I was loading the family car with my two precious girls, Britton had a balloon in the car and was blowing on it making funny noises. Almost like singing, but not quite.

She proudly makes this noise again and again as I try desperately to maneuver Kenley into her car seat without causing her additional pain.

B- Mommy, you hare dat?
Me- Yes, that is so cool Britton
B- Yea, you should put me in sound class.
Me- you mean the choir?
B- Yea, you should put me in singing class.

I love that she uses the term “put me in”. She must overhear me saying things like, “I am going to put Britton in this, or that…”.

Her brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything that is said, and then storing it away.

Each day I am amazed at how smart she is and how much she mentally and physically develops while I am not looking.

Charging the battery

I am charging the battery as I type so I can post some new photos already.

Kenley didn’t want Mary to pick her from her crib today (mommy had a “business lunch”) so she laid and slept in her crib from 9:45- 3:30, when I got her out to make her eat a grill cheese sandwich, water and ice cream!

Sassy came over to play, well– really she was worried about all the sleep– and we all played in the playroom. Tea party, playdough cookies, and waterdoodles. Kenley loves her blocks!

No falls today, and overall it was much better than the past two days. Work has been keeping me very busy- i’ve put in 14 hours over the last two days. Whew! Ready for the weekend.

Taking Kens to Shands on Friday for her post-surgery check up. They will be doing an echo to “check out” their carvings.