Charging the battery

I am charging the battery as I type so I can post some new photos already.

Kenley didn’t want Mary to pick her from her crib today (mommy had a “business lunch”) so she laid and slept in her crib from 9:45- 3:30, when I got her out to make her eat a grill cheese sandwich, water and ice cream!

Sassy came over to play, well– really she was worried about all the sleep– and we all played in the playroom. Tea party, playdough cookies, and waterdoodles. Kenley loves her blocks!

No falls today, and overall it was much better than the past two days. Work has been keeping me very busy- i’ve put in 14 hours over the last two days. Whew! Ready for the weekend.

Taking Kens to Shands on Friday for her post-surgery check up. They will be doing an echo to “check out” their carvings.