Kenley’s Surgery- Day 1

From: Garrett
Sent: Aug 6, 2007 7:22 PM

Kenley had successful surgery today- her surgeon repaired three defects! A hole in her upper chamber (ASD), the larger hole in her lower chambers (VSD) and also clipped her ductus (this may be incorrect spelling). They are watching her fever and her high heart rate (common), and as of yet she has not required the heart pacer.

She is stable and in the PICU. It is been a long day-never easy to see your child in pain.

Thank you for your prayers- and thank you GOD for taking care of our baby girl!

Will try to update again later in the week, right now I need to get back to her room.
PS- Sorry if I did not include everyone on this email, I am using a hosptial computer and without my address book.