Kenley’s Surgery- Day 2

Date: Aug 7, 2007 10:56 AM

Kenley is having a tough time, post surgery.

Her heart is beating at elevated rates and none of the medicines seem to be able to control the rythms. In fact, they are having a very hard time controlling it. Additionally, she is having an excessive amount of pain that cannot be controlled with standard narcotics.

In order to sedate her further, without the risk of her stopping her breathing, the doctors said our last (and only) option to was to put Kenley back on the ventilator. They warned us that this would be a “hairy” procedure. So Mike and I went downstairs and waited. When the elevator doors opened, our family was there to be there with us.

Kenley has successsfully been put back on the breathing machine and remains in critical condition.

Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming her way.