Kenley’s Surgery- Day 3

Sent: Aug 8, 2007
2:50 PM

Below is the update, in Mike’s words.

“Kenley has been, and will be, on the ventalator and heavily sedated for another day or so. The doctors have been able to get her heart rate down and control her rythm with a pacemaker. They are confident that she will slowly begin to control her heart pace on her own within the next few days.

Yesterday’s complications are better controlled but with the swelling and trauma to the heart as a result of the surgery, her little heart is not working like it should yet. They have removed all three chest tubes.. which is a wonderful thing. They are like piercing knives with every breath and a source of much pain. With those out, she may be able to deal with less drugs and sedation.

The lead Cardiologist said that Kenley is the most resistent he has ever seen to the various narcotics and treatments. While I am happy that the many residents were able to witness an interesting case study, I wish it was not my child’s case.

She has a strong little soul that senses when Garrett and I are in the room. She only wants to awake to be held.

Please forward the update to those I may have missed as we certainly appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers.”