Kenley’s Surgery- Day 5

Date: Aug 10, 2007

1:57 PM

Kenley has made great strides in the past 24 hours.

She has been taken off the ventilator and out of her deep sedation. Her heart is no longer being paced and the irregular rhythm, as of this morning, has corrected itself. More IV’s and tubes were removed today and Kenley was allowed to eat for the first time since Sunday (and no one likes to eat more than Kenley!).

Best of all, I was able to hold my little girl today.

If she continues to improve, she could be discharged by early next week.

I may sound like a broken record with all the “thank yous” but we are truly humbled by the support shown by so many people- some of whom we have never met. Life is delicate and in the end- God, friends and family are all that truly matter.

We are mostly grateful for such a Gracious God. He has been, and will continue to be, with lil’ Kenley throughout this journey. Thank you Lord!