Pigeons and Piggy Back Rides

Britton had ‘Parent’s Night’ at her preschool tonight. We met in the sanctuary for prayer, brief meeting then walked down the hallway into the various classrooms.

Britton’s new teacher is wonderful! She is one of the happiest people I have ever met and has 25 years teaching experience. She walked us through their daily rituals, songs, activities, lesson plans, etc.

When she asked for questions, one of the Dad’s pointed to a large birdcage against the wall (probably 5′ tall) with a large white beach towel draped over it.

Mrs. Happy said, “those are our class pets- Peace and Joy. They are in a delicate situation (mating) so I have put the towel over them to give them privacy and not scare the children.

Mrs. Happy goes on to say that while playing yesterday, Britton pointed up to the bird cage and said, “I like it win day give each odder piggy back wides!”