Results of the 30 day challenge

Although my ambian is kicking in tonight- I cannot rest until I let it be know that my sweet husband came home from work today with a flowers (roses that smell wonderful), groceries and a chic flick I have been wanting to.

Britton jumped off the couch and said “Dadee, you bwot me foulers, You de best daddy eva”. So Big Daddy seperates the flowers into a big vase, medium vase and small vase. He then cooked dinner, bathed both children, dressed them, read them stories, cleaned the kitchen, and put Britton to bed. Wow!

Either my play it forward it paying off, or he feels slightly empathateic to my somewhat strange-inccessently-cleaning behavior lately.

Lets just say, that in the past four days, I have completed the following:

  1. reorganize suppy cup cupbard
  2. reorganize plastic cup drawer
  3. clean our kitchen cubboard
  4. organize (in my new organizational baset) new space
  5. 2 trips to Wal mart for supplies
  6. clean oven twice
  7. wipe baseboards
  8. clean out and wipe refridigator (this was nasty)
  9. Clean freezer
  10. reorganzie panty
  11. mop kitchen and all hardwood floors/bathrooms
  12. hand make ribbon holder (2) for the girls bows
  13. aka reorganize ribbon drawer in girls bathroom
  14. go through kenleys old clothes and give to goodwill
  15. reorganize the bins under her changing table
  16. clean out cabinets in built ins and give books to Goodwill
  17. clean out playroom toys (trash or goodwill)
  18. dust kenleys room
  19. clean and reorg. spice drawer (this turned out the best, wal mart rocks)
  20. cleaning supplies cabinet even got its own organization basket
  21. all master bthrm drawers (7) were redone
  22. organize my wrapping station
  23. organize my “tool box”
  24. orgnaize my “picture frame box” (the ones where I always swap out the picutre, then later decide the house is cluttery and let it rest in the new box unti lI decide I need more photos of the girls.
  25. bought plastic white hangers for laundry room (the wire cleaners in there erked me for a long time)
  26. put big pottery-barn-type (labeled) storage bins in Britton’s closet
  27. organized the books on their bookshelf in playroom
  28. wokr up the past 3 mornings at 5:55 am to meet sister at gym
  29. my sewing table had 4 drawers cleaned out

Now all that’s left is:

  1. guest bedroom closet (camo)
  2. mikes workshop in garage
  3. give away some of his “things” that he has hoarded for 7 years in garage
  4. pull more weeds outside
  5. ‘color code my clothes in hanging closet.
  6. make a fabric cover for kids bookshelf in playroom.

Maybe I need just one more of those little pills because I can’t get my list to quit.

Kenley had professional photos made yesterday password kenley