What I love about the “here and now” age

Age 4

  1. the honesty (mommy, you are as pweddy as aiwall when you ware your make up)
  2. the thoughtfulness (mommy, dese flowers are four you )
  3. the compliments (mommy, i like yooh dwess- its so pwetty!)
  4. the goals (I want to be a pwincess like sin-da-lella)
  5. the creativity (you be da fare-we-god-mader and I will be sin-da-lella… I will come cwy in your lap and you tell me ids gonna be bedder)

Age 1

  1. It just takes your smile to make them smile
  2. the dependence
  3. beginnings of verbal communication (its a ball, its a book, diaper, nose, etc)
  4. will eat anything (haven’t been introduced to sugar quite yet)
  5. the little feet!