You should put me in…

This morning as I was loading the family car with my two precious girls, Britton had a balloon in the car and was blowing on it making funny noises. Almost like singing, but not quite.

She proudly makes this noise again and again as I try desperately to maneuver Kenley into her car seat without causing her additional pain.

B- Mommy, you hare dat?
Me- Yes, that is so cool Britton
B- Yea, you should put me in sound class.
Me- you mean the choir?
B- Yea, you should put me in singing class.

I love that she uses the term “put me in”. She must overhear me saying things like, “I am going to put Britton in this, or that…”.

Her brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything that is said, and then storing it away.

Each day I am amazed at how smart she is and how much she mentally and physically develops while I am not looking.