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Tomorrow our Big Daddy comes home. It will mark the 11th day since he left for his Elk Hunt in British Columbia. The girls have started asking where he is (Britton has) and Kenley has repeatedly said “Daddy” today.

Britton and I were sitting at the kitchen bar today having our afternoon snack of delicious cookie dough ice cream. So much for the 6 lbs I lost with my 6-week-long-cold. I said to her, “I miss Daddy.”

Britton replied, “I miss Daddy too” (sigh)

Me- “I don’t remember what Daddy looks like..??” (completely kidding of course)

Britton- “Hare Mommie, (tugs at me to get off the stool and walks me over to the sofa table where our family photos are displayed). She points to Big Daddy and explains, “dis is what Daddy wooks wike“.


Kenley’s First Day of School

Kenley had her first day of school on Tuesday. Tomorrow will mark her second.

It was so strange to see her in a classroom, with her little pink monogrammed lunch bag, ready for her first (of many) individual school picture, and to see the Noah’s Ark themed arts-and-crafts planned for the week.

Is my little baby really this old? She was only born last March. Can it be so?

Edited to add- forgot to mention that Kenley got bitten on her first day! Of all the children, then PICU kid got bit. But hey, a bite on the finger is nothing once you’ve had your sternum cracked. She didn’t seem to phased by it when I picked her up on Monday.

She ate all the way home, and took a 3 hour nap! All in all, she had a fantastic day.


I was watching an old sex in the city episode on DVR last week, and it was about needs. The character, Carrie Bradshaw, ended the episode with the following quote- “We all have different needs. And sometimes, when those needs are met, we no longer need them”.

And so it goes with the puppy.

I got her. She was cute. She was ours. She was more work.

Sweet puppy no name went to a new house last night. I couldn’t handle the extra work- not to mention Brittonover loved‘ her a little bit.

With Bid Daddy gone for the past one week (with NO PHONE), Mary the nanny gone for TWO, my JOB- I couldn’t handle a new houseplant much less a baby puppy.

On a completely different note- Kenley was back at Shands yesterday and got a GREAT report. Her sternum is healed, her heart is no longer enlarged. She is off the last of her heart meds as well.

The doctors referred to Kenley as “normal” several times. I have never been a proponent of this word until now.

Kenley had her first day of preschool today. She got there, lunch box in tote, just in time for her school picture. I had arrived early, preparing for a teary and lengthy goodbye- only to get NO REACTION from her. Not a glance my way, not a wave, nothing. I got nothing.

And while it was a slightly bitter sweet to leave my baby at her first day of preschool, after all that she has been through it felt like a small victory.

New Family Member

These were the three females of the liter. The mommy is white and the Daddy grey- they produced 6 black pups (three males/three females).

When Kenley was in her, what I have dubbed, “coma”, Big Daddy said to her, ‘if you pull through this we will buy you a puppy’. She kept her end of the bargain, So here we are!

Hmm, decisions decisions. Everytime I asked Britton which puppy she liked best, she would say “this one” (pointing to the one she happened to be holding at that time). Another time, she said, ‘ the one wagging its tail (and of course all three tails were wagging).

They were all so cute, with great temperments that the decision was quite difficult.

Boy do I have something to blog about tonight..

Us girls had a big Saturday tonight. We started the day at 9am when we participated in the American Heart Association heart walk at a local park. There were close to 1,000+ walkers, it was quite the successful event.

From there we headed to the ATM and to I-10 where we took off to Cottondale, FL to “look at” some poodle puppies.

Two hours later, we traveled back on I-10 with one of those puppies in tote.

Did I mention that Mike is out of the country?

She is so sweet- baby no name. She was not the puppy that I had originally chosen (she was a bit bigger) but I am “marrying for temperament, not looks” this time. Don’t get me wrong, she is PRECIOUS. She did well when handled by Britton, and she was very call. So on to the Robinson home she went.

Tonight will be her first night here, I figured I am home all day and already get up at night with Kenley so what the heck.

Big Daddy is on his 3rd week of his own vacation (over the past 8 weeks) so unfortunately he did not get to participate. I am sure I will hear about it when he returns, but once I show him the below pictures he will certainly understand.

These were taken by the ‘surrogate parents’ (aka breeders).

Aunt Mary Heather

I tried to make this photo bigger but obviously did not succeed.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned my oldest friend, and Kenley’s Godmother, Mary Heather.
She lives in Atlanta and frequently visits with her small, hairy main man that’s in her life- Harry.
She was here last week and brought her dog with her, which was quite the hit with little Kenley. Sorry Shea.