Britton Loves her daddy

Britton was so well behaved today! I thoroughly enjoyed her company! From the moment I picked her up from school, until her sweet eyelids shut for zzz’s, she was a complete joy.

I decided to paint my hallway tonight, after I put the girls to bed. Type A’s don’t know how to relax, might as well do something “productive”.

As I painted, she told me how ‘booteafull‘ the color was, and that she was glad I wasn’t a mermaid because I wouldn’t be able to walk in our house.

She asked if she could go into the family room to kiss daddy once more, and I said yes (of course.

While trimming out the walls, I listened to the following conversation:

B- “I wuv you Daddy”
Big Daddy- “Do you talk about me at school?”
B- Yes
Big Daddy- What do you say about me to your friends?
B- I tell dem dat you have a cute bud (translation- butt)
Big Daddy – Shoots me a look of what the heck?!. “Why do you say that?”
Britton- “Beecuz dats what Mommy says to you”
Big Daddy- explains, “yes, but that’s only for mommy to say. We don’t talk about that with our friends”

Little ears everywhere!