Buzzing Busy Weekend

We had an action packed weekend, with not a second to spare.

My good friend, Angela, got married this weekend. I was honored to be in the wedding and the events kicked off on Friday morning with a pedicure party followed with a rehearsal and dinner.

All the gals in the wedding party got ready at our house, I must say- I haven’t spent that much time primping in years! I had so much time to kill, that I asked the hair stylist doing my hair- to cut it short. (So, I am sporting a new “do”)

The wedding was beautiful- there was a mass in the catholic church followed by a reception at the Groom’s work in historic downtown T-town. He is Panamanian and had such fun music, if only I had those “moves”.

Today, pre-children, would have been the perfect day to sleep in, go to brunch and watch Lifetime movies all day. But alas, we went to Sunday school, 11 o’clock worship, lunch at the Mall- then met Big Daddy at the local pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins (all resembling each member of our family).

To round it off, we took a long bubble bath then loaded into the golf cart for a sun set ride. We saw 3 does tonight- same spot as last week. (last week we saw a total of 10!)

It’s now 8:28 and I still have a list of things to do. Namely, renew our license plates which are about to expire. I am sure the local tax collector is ready for those checks.

Charging my digital camera battery (what’s new) and hope to remember to upload photos tonight.