It’s a Do Do kind of day

What a day- the hours have flown by. And I don’t necessarily mean in a good way.

Our day started out good, I packed lunches the night before, so the fact that both my children were wide awake and chatting by 7:00 am didn’t matter. Off to school we went, and yes- on Tuesdays they both get to go to their respective preschools.

I raced home to log into work and 3 hours raced by, when I had to run back for Kenley. She had “pajama day” at her preschool so she was looking quite sassy in her pink ruffled PJs. On the way, I remembered that the girls had flu shots at the pediatricians office today.

I quickly called Britton’s school and asked “Miss Diane” to pull Britty out of class and have her ready for me to pick up. What is this, take out food?

We quickly got buckled into our Britax, and drove at least 10 mph over the speed limit for the 8 mile drive to Kenley’s church preschool.

Once inside, Britton wanted to see Kenley’s classroom and asked why all the babies got to wear their PJs.

I now buckle both the little girls into their Britax as they snack on Cheeze Its. (Kenley now shares by reaching across the back of my SUV to hand her big sister food, its quite cute).

Racing to get to the pediatricians office on time, I notice that not only have I not had lunch, but I really need to use the little girls room (#1 for anyone that wants to know ALL the details). At the same time, both girls have decided that they want to wine about something- anything- and are screaming and crying the backseat.

All the while my Treo is ringing with people from work calling. Trying to disguise the fact that I am really a stay-at-home-mom-trying-to-have-it-all, I answer in my best attempt at a professional voice. Email it to you now, no problem! Yes, of course I am online.

I quickly pull into my in-laws driveway and ask to use their bathroom and explained to them that I didn’t want to take both girls into the paediatrician’s bathroom with me..

Finally, we arrive at the doctors office for shots. Britton gets one and Kenley three! You can imagine how much fun that was to have both kiddos crying and looking at me like I was the biggest traitor.

We get back home to nap, before our Halloween play date party at 4.

Kenley, by now, had been up since 7 am with NO nap. She usually naps twice daily.

I am tired so I will wrap this up. Kenley won’t fall asleep because she has a poop in her diaper, by now its 4 and I don’t want her to nap until dinner.

I dress them both up for the party (Britton- ballerina, Kenley- Duck) and we drive to the park.

When we come home they are taking their bubble bath together. Per usual, I steal a few minutes to clean their rooms and set clothes out for the next day.

I come back to find Kenley standing up with doo doo all around her. Why?!
So I drain the water, and let me tell you- it is a SLOW drain.

We let the water continue to drain, and I move them into our bath tub for another bath.
Following bath, Big Daddy came home early from work (he moved firms on Monday- that’s a topic for another post) to carve pumpkins for his little girls.

What a sweet daddy!!

I just logged in two more hours of work, and now I am off to squeeze in my quiet time and Big Daddy time.

Wow- my priorities are off today… everyday really. Maybe I will start tomorrow in the reverse.