Traveling Man

This is completely random- and Shea can appreciate this. But I want to count how many US states I have been to. With the crazy day that we have, I have no earthly idea why this came into my head- much less matters. He it goes:

  1. Florida
  2. Georgia
  3. Alabama
  4. North Carolina
  5. Louisiana
  6. South Carolina
  7. Virginia
  8. Tennessee
  9. New York
  10. New Jersey
  11. Philadelphia
  12. Maine
  13. Wyoming
  14. Colorado
  15. Indiana
  16. Illinois

Darn! I was really hoping for at least half. Speaking of half- my other half is flipping channels in the family room waiting for me to get off this darn computer. Little dumpling Kenley is still awake having her equivalent to a midnight snack. I must go put her back to bed, again, so she can wake up for preschool tomorrow.

Can’t have her missing that, no sir ree!