random, very random

In an attempt to actually turn this blog into a pseudo baby/child book for my girls, here are some random things about their mommy.

1. Pet peeve- flowerbeds that aren’t edged
2. favorite singer- garth brooks- still! I tried to like someone more, hasn’t happened. And now he is coming out of “retirement” woo hoo. I
3. Biggest regret- none so far
5. happiest day- Didn’t know it at the time, but when I knew Kenley was going to survive her situation
6. saddest day- when the doctor gave us my dads diagnosis
7. longest day- christmas
8. favorite cleaning product – pine sol
9. favorite commercial jingle- juicy fruit (I don’t think it airs anymore)
10. favorite cake- yellow with choclate icing (Coincidentally Big Daddy’s too)
11. favorite gift- fake stand of pearls mom gave me on my wedding day
12. most practical gift- breast pump
13. funiest thing Kenley does- sign language (more, yes, thirsty), or pick her nose.. can’t decide
14. funniest thing Britton does- tells us not to laugh at her. And says “actually” at the beginning of most sentences.
15. favorite song- here i am to worship
16. perfect day- alone, no responsabilities.
17. life quote- hm,, don’t have one. I’ll add that to my things to do list- find quote


Web MD

On another note- Kenley is still sick. She is on her 12th diaherrah, for those that care. Or, as Shea likes to call it “the trots”. Her cough is better as is Britton’s. However now I have it.

The cough that is.


After coming off a long holiday weekend, my work was at a lull today. When I picked up Britton from school at 3, I decided to do something I never do. Go somewhere. Typically, I rush home only to put Kenley down for a second nap, and Britton with an arts and craft project so I can wrap up my office work.

I took the girls to Marble Slab Creamery, where Britton got strawberry and “mushroom” (aka marsh mellows). Then, to top it all off we went by Sassy and Pop’s house for a impromptu visit.

One the way home, Britton said “I’m pwoud of you Mommy”

Me- “Why are you proud of me Britton?”

Britton- “Because you wah a good Mommy twoday“.



We went to Hope Town in the Abacos recently for a friend’s wedding- Mom, Dale, Sara Britton and myself. Big Daddy stayed home to take care of the girls.

It was a much needed vacation- after a long summer- and after 24 hours I relaxed enough to drop my under eye concealer.

The weather was perfect!