Make a wish

Tonight as Britton was getting out of the bathtub, I saw and eyelash on her tummy. I asked her to make a wish (remembering the time her wish was for kenley’s heart to get better).

She squinked her eyes, wrinkled her little nose and blew.

I asked what her wish was and she responded, “I wished for everything at Target”.


2 sick girls

Kenley has been sick since last Thursday. She was getting chest Xrays Friday night, in attempts to diagnose possible pneumonia. While the wet read was negative, her horrible cough has been persistent, as has her fever and diarrhea.

This morning, after she threw up on me (from coughing so much), I had to take a “stool sample” which isn’t fun when the child is “sick”.. okay, enough detail there.

When we went to the pediatrician office for the 3rd time in 3 days, big sister Britton wanted her temperature taken as well. When Nurse Leslie took it said looked and me surprised and said, “mom, Britton has a higher fever than Kenley!”. Good gracious.

The doc said the Kenley sounded worse than she did on Friday, ordered samples to test for simanella, roto virus, etc. and sent us home with an antibiotic prescription and diet restrictions. Fun times.

So both kids are home with possible pneumonia, possible parasite (will know in 1 week), fever, coughs, through up.

We had to cancel our sitter tonight- although we did sneak out last night to celebrate Big Daddy’s 32nd birthday.

They stayed in the PJ’s all day- just got bland rice for dinner, baths, and are now watching Sound of Music- my favorite.

Saturday Stroll

Big Daddy’s new firm sent the girls a package full of goodies on Friday- sweatshirts (above), piggy banks, toys, etc. We also received a dozen red roses delivered to our front door last Friday- his first day.

The fall weather has finally arrived and the kiddos piled into the double jog stroller- for their morning outdoor cafe ride. They ride, snack on cheese sticks and Ritz, drinking their juice boxes while I huff and puff pushing 60 lbs of little girls around our gated, hilly hood.

This afternoon we had a wedding, and decided to take Britton with us (they were both invited however Kenley naps in the afternoons). On the way to farm, where the wedding would take place, Britton said- “We must be weally spechul to be invited to da weddin

She didn’t understand, however, why she wasn’t in the wedding. Although she did offer to carry the pillow this time. She finally settled on being the guest, if she could hold the bridesmaid’s bouquet once they were announced.

She’s such a funny kid! Nobody likes to dance like my Britton. Certainly not her mommy or daddy.

Even the videographer, who is at a different wedding every weekend, asked me if Britton had been in a wedding lately because she looked familiar.

Turns out he was the videographer at Aunt Sara Britton’s wedding- small world.

Eye of the Beholder

Tonight, as Britton lay in our bed, I began my night time regime of washing my face, applying night creme, etc.

Britton says very matter-of-fact to me, “Mommy, you ahhe geddin old”

What?! Why? Me?

Me- “Britton, why do you say that I am getting old? Do I look old’

Britton- “No, bud you’ve been my mome four a long time now”.