random, very random

In an attempt to actually turn this blog into a pseudo baby/child book for my girls, here are some random things about their mommy.

1. Pet peeve- flowerbeds that aren’t edged
2. favorite singer- garth brooks- still! I tried to like someone more, hasn’t happened. And now he is coming out of “retirement” woo hoo. I
3. Biggest regret- none so far
5. happiest day- Didn’t know it at the time, but when I knew Kenley was going to survive her situation
6. saddest day- when the doctor gave us my dads diagnosis
7. longest day- christmas
8. favorite cleaning product – pine sol
9. favorite commercial jingle- juicy fruit (I don’t think it airs anymore)
10. favorite cake- yellow with choclate icing (Coincidentally Big Daddy’s too)
11. favorite gift- fake stand of pearls mom gave me on my wedding day
12. most practical gift- breast pump
13. funiest thing Kenley does- sign language (more, yes, thirsty), or pick her nose.. can’t decide
14. funniest thing Britton does- tells us not to laugh at her. And says “actually” at the beginning of most sentences.
15. favorite song- here i am to worship
16. perfect day- alone, no responsabilities.
17. life quote- hm,, don’t have one. I’ll add that to my things to do list- find quote