Family Photo

Big daddy really wanted a Christmas photo with the whole family it on. Since I am Type A I wanted all of our Christmas cards out by December 1. I knew the only chance of that happening was if it included the girls only. Afterall, weekends are when we get to wear our “princess dresses” (aka church clothes) and BD is usually hunting this time of year.

So he gets to use his family photo for his clients Christmas cards, as ours went out last week.

On another note, we are re landscaping our yard. In fact, we started this project this morning- slightly unbeknown to me. Good surprise.

Since moving into the house over 2 years ago, I have dreamed of painting the house white.
My grandparents had a white brick house, my parents had a white brick house, and that’s just what I am used to and like.
After getting numerous quotes from painters, we found someone via a referral and have been on his wait list for the past month.
Well today, thanks in part to my nagging, he came to paint on a “primer” spot for me to test the color I chose.
He painted a large portion of a wall in the back of the house.
There is no turning back now.
Except that I am wondering if the house actually needs painting. Now that we have shaved off the beard– i mean large overgrown, unhealthy plants- the house got a major face lift already.
Big daddy will not be happy with me if I miss this one up.. The last house we lived at, I painted ‘kilm beige’ on a whim and it never did look quite right.
Maybe we can pressure wash the primer off- and pretend like nothing ever happened.
Like the poodle.
To be continued…

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