One Minute Babies, the next little Girls

Every mom has that moment. That moment when they realize that their little baby that we were just complaining wouldn’t drink formula, is growing up.

They come with the most rare glaring signs.

Tonight, as I organize to prepare for another busy tomorrow, I emptied out the girls lunchboxes and back packs.

In Kenleys lunch box, her teachers Mrs. Cyndi and Mrs. Christine sent a monthly note home about what their class has been doing. This is what it said (in part):

“All of our children are doing so wonderful. They are really learning how to share and we are working on lining up.”

Lining up?!

Is my little Kenley old enough to be in a line?! She is, and the realization made me smile and want to cry all at the same time.

After putting the ‘Classroom Times’ note on our bullention board o’ notes and invites, and reached for Britton’s backpack.

Tucked inside her purple monogrammed back pack was her clear folder. The teacher sends home notes and artwork each today.

Today, there was several sheets (letters A-P) where Britton had practiced writing the alphabet. Both in upper case and lower case.

At the bottom of each page, was a doodle. She is a doodler.

Almost instinctively (scary how quickly I move from preschooler mom to elementary school mom) I walk to Big Daddy and show him the letters and the doodles. As I put the pages into her baby book, I make a mental note of the letters I need to work on with her.

I wanted to cry, yes – again, as I tucked away her baby book back safely onto its shelf.

When did they enter in the next stage of the babyhood? Was I not looking?