Running Away

Britton came into the living room with a hand written note, and a packed suitecase. She handed it to me and announced

“I am wunning away to da Norf Pole. I’ll be back in fouh days (translation- four days).”

Me- Where are you going to stay?

Britton- Wif Sanda Claus at da Norf Pole.

Me- But I will be sad if you are in the North Pole for four days.

At this point, she opens the hand written note to me to read. She points out that she drew a picture of me and Big Daddy crying because we are sad that she is at the North Pole. And once again, assured me that she will be back.

I glanced down to her suitcase to find, flannel PJs, 2 blankets, a book, a shirt and 2 diapers. That a girl!