Christmas Break

dfdzx xc v — Kenley typed this.

We’ve been staying very busy doing nothing over Christmas break, and it has been WONDERFUL. The girls sleep in to 8:00 each morning, stay in the PJ’s until at least 10- and they haven’t left the house in days.

I offered to bundle them up yesterday, and take them to the neighborhood park (despite the 32 degrees outside) and Britton didn’t want to leave the house. Her imagination allows her to find ways to enertain herself in the confines of her home for days on end.

Kenley, on the other hand, is ready to leave the house at a moment’s notice- so long as she can grab her crocs first!

Big Daddy got Christmas and New Years off, so it has been nice having him around the house more. The long days have tapered off some, not altogether, but better. He is settling into his new firm, and I know will be able to better serve his clients.

Luckily, my job has slowed down over the holidays. Allowing me to remember what it was like when every minute, literally, of my day is NOT accounted for. I can talk to my friends when they call the house, sew the blanket I have been promising Britton, cook a real dinner with vegetables, organize the Christmas ornaments..

While the pay check is nice, this break has allowed me to realize that my children- both now little girls- will only be this age for a little while longer. I need to stop. Stop, and breathe it all in each day. I have a few things to contemplate in this area. We have been blessed in many ways- and financially I can let go of my “paycheck” in exchange for more time with my kids. Maybe God gave me this great opportunity (job) to show me how much I already have (children).

To be continued….