Story Time

Tonight was a reverse bedtime for us. We had a great day today! I had three little girls, under the age of 23 months at my house this morning. My good friend, Shea, was attending her sweet grandfather’s funeral and I offered to watch my Godchild Railey, and her cousin Sara Britton. (Yes, named after my sister- no relation).

So for 3 hours this morning I had Kenley (22 months), Sara Britton (23 months) and Railey (9 months). My heart couldn’t be happier driving my SUV with three car seats full of girls across my middle seat. The older two held hands, and clapped after each baby-gospel song.

Maria, our housekeeper, was here today as well so my house is clean on bare feet, and smells like pine sol. Did I mention this is my most favorite smell besides Claire Burke original home spray?

We ordered Pizza for dinner, and Big Daddy washed the girls (what a treat!). Kenley went right down because she had such a full day and Britton decided she wanted to tell ME a story.

She recited the story of Goldilocks and the three bears to SUCH perfection. She told me about the porage, chairs, beds, chasing Goldilocks and then becoming friends before living happily ever after.

Who knew that she remembered every line, every detail, every description. She even did the voices of Big Papa Bear, Medium Mama Bear and itty bitty baby bear.

I simotaneously wished I had a recording device as I listened to record her voice, with its influctions and mispronunciations. It was so sweet.

I was ready to fall asleep in her pink and white polka dot sheets for good!