Thank You

Today, Kenley walked with me to the car when we left her preschool classroom.

I fought back the tears- its such a simple thing, and I know most 22 months old can walk. But I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that my little girl is here with me, and can walk. She is healthy, she is happy and she is going to be FINE.

Thank you God.

That feeling of gratitude has stayed with me all day.

Tonight, amongst my attempt to finish completing today’s to do list, I felt so thankful. I thought, I wonder if our heart surgeon knows how good she is doing? I need to thank him- again.

So, I popped open my laptop and sent him the following letter via email.

Hi Dr. Bleiweis,

You and your team operated on our daughter, Kenley Robinson, this past August. She had a VSD repair (followed by Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia). I just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is doing! She is a different child now- so strong, happy and healthy. I didn’t realize how weak she really was, until I look at her now and she is just like any other toddler her age. She is off all her medications and isn’t sleeping her days away or moaning when she breathes. It’s really changed our lives.

What a great occupation to have- to be able to “fix” children’s hearts and subsequently change their lives. We are forever grateful to you for giving us our healthy baby girl back.

Thank you.

The Robinsons