Barf and Britton

On Wednesday, I picked Britton up from school early so she and I could have a date. I worked a lot on Monday and Tuesday and felt like I had been neglecting her a little (nothing like that Mama guilt).

We went to the local movie theater and bought tickets for Alvin and the Chipmunks. Britton LOVED it and halfway through the movie wanted to get out of her seat to dance (which we did). What she loved even more was that her mommy let her get Dr. Pepper, buttery popcorn, reeses pieces AND sweet tarts in a toothpaste tube from the gas station (yuck, I know- wait, it gets better).

After we left, she said “Mommy my tummy hurds”

Oh boy did it.

Fast forward to 2 am this morning. She stumbles into our bedroom and declares “I have a tummy ache

All over our white matalese, and custom duvet.

Immediately after she said, “Oh Mommy I feel beddar. Can I hab a sandwich now?”

The highlight of her whole day (maybe even better than the move) was that she got to sleep next to a little white bucket (also known as our laundry room trash can).

Her little tummy just couldn’t handle that good old fashioned JUNK FOOD, bless her little heart!