Family Day (and why it’s important)

Kenley getting a quick lesson from “the Master”
Britton in her future school colors! She likes to wear her tap shoes with her cheerleading uniform.

Britton took this photo- Mommy and Big Daddy in the backyard.

Now it that another born natural fisherman or what?! Like father like daughters.

Britton is already moved up to an adult rod and reel. And yes, she picked out her outfit.

What started out as a terribly sad weekend, has ended with a peaceful, relaxing family Sunday.
One of Big Daddy’s good friends passed away last weekend after what was really a life long fight against a disease. We spent Friday and Saturday remembering his friend- for more information visit

Today, after listening to several eulogoies underlining the importance of celebrating life and family- we spent the day doing fun things with our girls (sitting around the house watching television doesn’t count). We had banana pancakes, went to Sunday School, dressed up as cheerleaders and fairies, rode the lawn mower with big daddy, golf cart rides, fishing, bike rides, and hide and go seek in the backyard.

Here are a few photos from today.