My strong willed-child

Strong willed. If I had to use two words to describe my eldest child, those would be the two words: Strong willed. She knows what she wants, she has tunnel vision, and often times selective hearing. This is my Britton.

Today, after finishing my work (aka “paying job”) promptly at 3:00, I walked into Kenleys room, scooped up my diapered baby and gently placed her in the leopard print Britax in my car.

We slowing crawled the one mile drive to B’s school, and brought her home with us. Britton immediately wanted a snack. And since I was feeling extra generous, I made us all ice cream sundaes (vanilla ice cream with chocalate syrup- maybe that isn’t technically an sundae?).

After filling our empties tummies with sugar and creme, Britton is she could play outisde on the swing set. Ofcourse, I say! I am thinking- now I can finish off some laundry etc. Only she wants me to come play with her.

So we enjoyed the 70 degree mild, breezy weather. I ran inside for “something”, and the next thing I know, Britton walks into the sunroom butt naked.

Britton- (naked) “I want to pway in da swimming pool and I need my bading suit”

Suddenly, I look beyond her little head and see the sandbox with a running hose hooked up to it. She has taken the water hose, pulled it into the box and turned it on.

At this point, what do you do other than let the girls enjoy the mess they created?

I ask her several times to turn off the house, and several times she turned it back on.

I asked her several times to keep the wet sand inside the sand box, and several times she tossed it out.

That’s my strong willed child, Britton.