2 years ago at this time….

Nana and Gan seeing Kenley for the first time

The Fairy Godmothers- Mary Heather and Shea. Drove from Atlanta to visit for less than 24 hours, then back to GA.

8 lbs, 13.5 ounces, 21.x inches long. Born at 9 something pm! This is a hefty weigh in considering she was induced almost a week and a half early!

Bid Daddy trying to will her out of my belly. Obviously the wonderful epidural had taken effect by now.

weight watchers weigh in. Love those chunky thighs!

This is the last photo taken of my while pregnant with Kenley (standing up at least). This is 48 hours before I was induced (3/1/2006).

The first time Britton met her little sister Kenley. This is most definitely one of my most cherished photographs because it encapsulates our lives at that very moment!


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