Britton the butterfly

This week has been a butterfly of sorts with Britton. What started out as a typical rough week, with a lengthy parent-teacher conference mid-week, ended with a greatly improved-attitude Britton.

In a span of 7 days she has gone from a confused caterpillar, to a beautiful butterfly with many bright colors.

We have noticed a shift in her since our long conversation on Wednesday with Mrs. P. Without getting into the specifics of what the conference entailed (after all, I would like my girls to read this blog for prosperity one day), its like a new, sweet, older, Britton has remerged. Its truly amazing to witness.

She is so smart (Mrs. P confirmed this – stating that Britton plus two others are leaps ahead of thier classmates and have to more work), senstitive, innocent, articulate, imaginative, and sweet.

We took the girls fishing this weekend on the lake, and she and Big Daddy found a little, baby turtle which she immediately named, ‘Diomand’. I promise- she thought of it entirely on her own.

You may recall this is the same name she wanted to give to our 24-hour-poodle.

I have truly savored every hour of this weekend- every minute, every activity. I can (for once) say I have slowed down to listen, play, conversate and interact with her. She is a little person, with feelings, opinions, thoughts and ideas. It’s so cool to listen to her sweet little voice- part Big Daddy and part me. What a blessing she is!