Kenley’s 2nd Birthday

Kenley will be celebrating her 2nd birthday tomorrow, which started with his first birthday party (with friends) this afternoon.

We all gathered at our neighborhood playground for a party. Me, and the girls, have been sick all weekend but we managed to rise to the occasion.

Kenley, I must say, looks older. She sported blonde pigtails, pink pinafore and dimples today. She was so happy, as she always is. I wish I could keep her upbeat, what’s-to-be-sad-about attitude.

In lieu of recent events, we are very blessed to be celebrating our youngest child’s birthday this week. I even went so far as to include her on our Sunday school’s weekly ‘praise’ (what we are thankful for) list.

Every year, shoot- every night- i am thankful for my children and their health. But this year’s birthday is definitely a time to pause, get on my knees and thank the Lord for her.

Photos to come.