Kenley’s Heart Appointment

Mom and I drove Kenley to Shand’s this morning for her 6 month check up. Her heart is almost back to a normal size and she received a good report.

She does still have a very small hole in her lower chambers.

This is a VSD which is the same defect she was originally diagnosed with. Her cardiologist assured me that this small hole should not cause her problems, as her larger hole(s) did. He also assured me (yes, I need lots of reassurance now) that she would not need surgery down the road. Since it’s coming from a Shand’s cardiologist, I’ll try to take his word for it. They’ll check the tiny hole again in 6 months.

So it looks like she may always have a hole in heart, but that’s okay with me.

Oh- and the little tank weighs 29 pounds now.