Update on Britton

The “shift” in my Britton has remained continuous for one week today. Albeit, she has been down with a cold, but my sweet little Britton is back. I enjoy spending time with her. In fact, I’ve kept her home from school twice this week- without hesitation. I want to do things with her, ask her what she’s thinking.

Today we drew on the back patio with sidewalk chalk, got an icey at Target and looked at patio furniture (just the two of us- Kenley was with mary), snuggled, baked cookies, rode bikes, did yardwork, made necklaces with wooden blocks (birthday gift to kenley).

She’s really picking up, too, that we are back on the same wavelength.

Could it be true? Could the “terrible fours” finally be behind us?!

She is patient with her little sister, loving to her mother, adoring to her Daddy, and affectionate to her Mary. She had this below conversation with ‘Sassy’ this week (with her sweet-frog-in-the-throat-voice).

Britton- Thasthy, I just wuv you.
Sassy- You do love me? Well I love you too.
Britton- I don’t dink I say it enuff to you. I should tell you mowa often.