Twin beds in action!

Well, it’s official. Both my sweet little girls are sound asleep in the same bedroom, in seperate twin beds.

What a sweet thing to walk into a room with my two little love bugs sawing logs. Britton was SO excited (let’s hope she doesn’t tee-tee in her “new” bed tonight).

We’ve been working on our bladders waking up at night- she went 5 days straight, then wet for 3 days- and has been wetting again for the past several days.

She is so funny in the mornings- she woke up a little late this morning, and I was with kenley in HER bed, when Britton tip toed in, quietly, in different PJs.

She climbed onto her little sisters bed and said, “mommy, red is my favorite color so I wanted to wear THESE pajamas”.

Little trickster- she later confessed that she a tee-teed “just a little” in her other pajamas, and THAT is why she changed.

Okay, its 11:18 and I am off to try to get in my quiet time before i fall asleep.

I have been with out “help” (ie- mary) since last week and I am beat. I love my dear doodle bugs but boy do they wear me out!


7 year anniversary

Big Daddy and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary on April 21st. We went to a beach resort this weekend to commenorate the occasion. I’ve come to the realization that each year, a wedding anniversary should be celebrated. Today’s world, stresses, children, society make marriage (and committing to those vowes) a reason to celebrate.

The little girls stayed with my parents, Sassy and Pops, all weekend- for the first time!!

Sassy and Pops lived to tell about it. A few things I noticed when I picked the girls up yesterday afternoon.

1. Kenley looked taller
2. Kenleys thighs are bigger than my calves
3. Kenley’s new expression is “one more time”– and yes, I have heard my mom say that many a times!
4. They played together even better than before
5. Brittons hair grew

All this in just 48 hours away!


I have a funny Britton-ism that I want to blog before my brain quits for the night (too late).
She came into my bathroom this evening, holding her night light. She asked me to get a new light bulb for it because it was burned out.

I reminded her of the importance of never plugging in nightlights by herself. She replied, with her head cocked to one side, “Why? So we don’t get allergic (she meant to say electrocuted)”?


She later came out of her bedroom tonight and asked if she could have a flashlight (since the night light bulb had long since burned out). I paused my DVR watching of ‘Brothers & Sisters’, tiredly got off my comfortable couch, and went into the laundry room where anal-annie keeps her flashlights just so.

I am not sure what B was more exicted about- the fact that:
a. I listened to her request and said yes
b. actually got off the couch, long after I put her to bed
c. got to use a flashlight

She skipped off to her bedroom and said “You my favorite Mommy in da whole wide world Mommy!”

Daddy Weekend

I decided, last minute, to travel to St. Pete this weekend for a wedding. Since it was “last minute” that meant no sitter, which meant Daddy stayed home with his girls.

I had a blast, enjoyed the solintary drive, with my 80’s/country/christian/R&B music playing while I cruised the back roads of West Florida. I especially enjoyed lying by the pool, with a live calipso band playing behind me, while I raised my white flag, that was attached to the back of my lounge chair, to get the attention of my pool boy.

My pool boy would bring me drinks, even bring me food if I wanted to eat while I bathed in the sun, listening to the Gulf waves behind me.

I had a blast at the wedding, kicking it back old school doing the middle school-dance-in-a-pack-with your girlfriends (since no Big-Daddy).

I attempted to route my Infinity’s navigation to take me North via no freeways and somehow ended up on I-75. Given the chance, I opted to get back onto a highway and make the rest of the trip home on a slower, two lane road.

When I arrived home, Kenley was in bed for her nap, and Britton (with her crunchy hair) was helping daddy wash cars.

They immediately started washing the love bugs off my truck after some hugs and kisses.

Britton later confessed, amongst much probing from mommy, that they did not get baths while I was away, but they did however, hose themselves off in the driveway after carwashing.

How do I dare to complain- after arriving at a happy, healthy, well-rested, well-fed CLEAN home?!

I sure did miss my family while I was gone for 32 hours.

Happy Birthday Mom!