7 year anniversary

Big Daddy and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary on April 21st. We went to a beach resort this weekend to commenorate the occasion. I’ve come to the realization that each year, a wedding anniversary should be celebrated. Today’s world, stresses, children, society make marriage (and committing to those vowes) a reason to celebrate.

The little girls stayed with my parents, Sassy and Pops, all weekend- for the first time!!

Sassy and Pops lived to tell about it. A few things I noticed when I picked the girls up yesterday afternoon.

1. Kenley looked taller
2. Kenleys thighs are bigger than my calves
3. Kenley’s new expression is “one more time”– and yes, I have heard my mom say that many a times!
4. They played together even better than before
5. Brittons hair grew

All this in just 48 hours away!