Counting Kenley

Kenley can count to two!

As we walk down the steps of her preschool, she counts “1…2…”

And when someone asks her how old she is, she holds up her chunky index and middle fingers and says “two!”.

Lastly, when we leave preschool to return to our car and home for naps- she walks herself. No more carrying. Today, I just looked at her in her little green crocs and 24 month-old-size-outfit and immediately remembered back to when Britton was that age.

It was just a few months ago- and now Britton is long, smart, older- and my newborn, Kenley is talking, walking, counting..

Kenley’s latest favorite thing is Barbies (see my last post) and “Dora and Boots”.

I wish they could stay this age for just a little longer….