I have a funny Britton-ism that I want to blog before my brain quits for the night (too late).
She came into my bathroom this evening, holding her night light. She asked me to get a new light bulb for it because it was burned out.

I reminded her of the importance of never plugging in nightlights by herself. She replied, with her head cocked to one side, “Why? So we don’t get allergic (she meant to say electrocuted)”?


She later came out of her bedroom tonight and asked if she could have a flashlight (since the night light bulb had long since burned out). I paused my DVR watching of ‘Brothers & Sisters’, tiredly got off my comfortable couch, and went into the laundry room where anal-annie keeps her flashlights just so.

I am not sure what B was more exicted about- the fact that:
a. I listened to her request and said yes
b. actually got off the couch, long after I put her to bed
c. got to use a flashlight

She skipped off to her bedroom and said “You my favorite Mommy in da whole wide world Mommy!”