Twin beds in action!

Well, it’s official. Both my sweet little girls are sound asleep in the same bedroom, in seperate twin beds.

What a sweet thing to walk into a room with my two little love bugs sawing logs. Britton was SO excited (let’s hope she doesn’t tee-tee in her “new” bed tonight).

We’ve been working on our bladders waking up at night- she went 5 days straight, then wet for 3 days- and has been wetting again for the past several days.

She is so funny in the mornings- she woke up a little late this morning, and I was with kenley in HER bed, when Britton tip toed in, quietly, in different PJs.

She climbed onto her little sisters bed and said, “mommy, red is my favorite color so I wanted to wear THESE pajamas”.

Little trickster- she later confessed that she a tee-teed “just a little” in her other pajamas, and THAT is why she changed.

Okay, its 11:18 and I am off to try to get in my quiet time before i fall asleep.

I have been with out “help” (ie- mary) since last week and I am beat. I love my dear doodle bugs but boy do they wear me out!