classic britton-ism

This was a classic “Britton’ism”.

We were driving down the Coastal Highway this weekend, on our way to dinner with two other families at the coast. Britton was started to whine, which is not unusual these days.

Big Daddy says to her, “Britton- don’t start whining and ruin my day. We’ve had a great day so far”.

Britton- “It’s not YOUR day Daddy”

Big Daddy- “Britton, don’t talk back to me. It is my day”.

Britton- “It’s not your day daddy, it is God’s day!”



Breaking News

Big news in our household.. Kenley pooped on the potty tonight!

When she got out of the bath tub, she announced that “I need to go poddy” and waddled to the training potty. She sat on it for a long while just pooting and chatting with us (Britton was still in the potty).

After a while she got up and I took a peek. Best looking poop a mom could ever see – is one that is IN the toilet!

She got the potty dance and gummy bears. She looked at my like , ‘what’s the big deal you crazy woman?!’

Britton’s Song

this made me chuckle today. Britton was singing her own words to the song ‘Our God is an Awesome God’.

The lyrics of the song are “Our God is an awesome God he reighns, from Heaven above with wisdowm, power and love our God is an awesome God”.

Britton’s version is as followsm “My Job is an Awesome Job…”

Thumper and other things

Wow- it sure has been a while since I updated this darn thing. Now I have to put my thinking cap back on to remember all the cute, dont-want-to-forget-these things that have happened in the past 2 weeks.

Britton’s class had a wonderful mother’s day tea for the Mommies. She gave me a potted plant, with a handmade flower card- sporting a photo of herself on the flower! She served me tea and finger sandwiches are her school.

On Tuesdays, I volunteer at Britton’s classroom and read books to the class. Today, Britton’s classmates told me that Britton has found Thumper soo many times, that they have all but given up trying to find the stuffed rabbit in the mornings.

I should probably back up to explain that Thumper is a stuffed bunny rabbit that the teacher hides in a new place each morning. The children come in and look for the bunny. Winner gets to hold it all day. The purpose is to teach children, particularly girls to be aware of their surrondings.

All year long Britton has loved getting to school early so she can find thumper. I have liked to use it as a tactic to move her along in the mornings telling her that if we hurry, she might be the first one to school and to Thumpe!

Apparently it has worked so well, that according to the twins in her class- Emma & Willa, Britton has found Thumper “about 101 times”!. Thats my girl!

Ofcourse there is a photo to go along with the description, but as always it is too much technical hassle to download tonight. Lately I have been using my work computer since it is 5 years newer and faster!

Kenley’s school year is nearing completion. The past few weeks, when I arrive around 12:45 to pick her up, they are having story time. Unlike her older sister, Kenley is very interested and intently listens as the teacher reads.

When she leaves, Kenley turns towards her friends, waves vehemently and says “Bye Friends!”.

Then her classmates, Kyliegh, Lilly and Annie wave back “Bye”!

It is so darn cute!