Busy Saturday

It’s 9:45 and although both my children are in bed, they are by no means sleeping. We have had an action packed Saturday.

It actually began last night when their favorite babysitter, whom they have affectionately nicknamed “Aunt Gina” came over for several hours armed with crafts. Big Daddy and I had a date night -oh la la.

This morning, I rolled out of bed at 9:00 am (cold medicine and all) and trucked downtown to a Kelly’s Kids clothing show. Basically everything I recently purchased at full price, was now on sale at 70% less than what I paid. Yes, the very same clothes that my children are currently wearing.

But that’s a blog for another day.

Big Daddy and the girls met me at the Civic Center where we watched Diego Live! From there, after eating the faux buttery popcorn, caffeine pop, counting in Spanish, and dancing in the aisles- we headed for Sassy’s house.

Once there, we ate our McDonald’s (wow- are nutritional content was in the PITTS today) and went swimming. Well- Kenley napped.. Britton got to show Big Daddy what she had learned in her swimming lessons this week. While she insists on holding hands (or a finger) the girl can actually swim. Cute thing is, that she swims just like her mommy.

Doesn’t like to put her face in. Doggy paddle is more her style.

Back to our day… From the swimming pool, we came back to our home for showers – then back downtown to Aunt Britty and Uncle Matt’s house for a BBQ. Only when we got there it was fried chicken and homemade ice cream sandwiches. Even better.

The girls also got a surprise visit from Uncle Casey!

Needless to say, they are on a sugar high and awake.

While I am putting everything on the table, I will also fess up that when we were leaving Diego Live! today there was a local radio station handing out doughnuts. Each child got one.

After this post, I think we will be having fruit and whole wheat toast for breakfast tomorrow!!