Lesson taken to Heart

My little girls have been staying up so late this summer. In part because it is still light outside at 9:00 pm, and in part because they get to sleep later in the mornings.

Well, this afternoon- the late nights caught up with Miss Britton. She was whiny, limp, irrational, demanding, whiny, aggravating, whiny and whiny.

She was in timeout before breakfast, and time out before dinner. I have been making a conscious effort to say yes, more than I say “no”. And for the past several weeks we have made a turn upward.

But the lack of sleep came to a peak today.

I spanked my baby twice. And not with the dreaded ‘spanking spoon’ either. Which I KNOW is what I am suppose to use.

After Big Daddy finally got her to put some real food in her tummy (fruit roll ups and an apple don’t count) I went for a walk. Because frankly, Mama needed her own time out.

It was around 8:30, the humidity was low, all our neighbors were out walking, the crickets were lulling a song, and I didn’t even turn on my ipod.

Just having the quietness was something to take in.

And I started to think (I feel like that is the ONLY time I can listen to my thoughts) what is that God is trying to teach me when Britton is so.. whats the word.. intolerable?

And I heard him say — unconditional love.

Now as a parent, I obviously have unconditional love for my children. I will love them both forever, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that they can do that would make me love them any less.

The unconditional love that I think I am reminded us, is the love that our Father has for us, his children. When we wonder, when we do things that are intolerable to us, that would make some people want to scream at us- yet he remains the ever loving parent to us.

I think this is the lesson I am taking to heart tonight.

My children are a gift to me, and my hands are not to be used to spank. Not that I don’t think they need a spanking every now and then. But I have to take a deep breath, another deep breath, and get a spanking spoon and not spank out of haste.

Unconditional love.