Britton the Kindergartner

My baby started kindergarten today. And darn if I can’t get the photos to upload. She had a fabulous day all around. Mommy woke her up early early this morning (7:00 am) and we cheerfully ate our breakfast and got dressed.

The only, and I mean only, hint of hesitation came while we were on Bannerman on our way to school. She said half-heartily, ‘Oh Mommy, I’m fwigtined- what if I dunno anyones faces”

Me- Sweetie, it’s the first day of school and everyone will be learning new faces and names. You will be fine.

Britton- okay.

We navigated our large SUV among the many other SUVS, and parked. I held her little hand as we crossed the cross way. She looked so cute wearing her plaid jumper, matching headband, knee socks and Mary Janes! She was secure, head up, excited and walked right into her classroom.

She found a chair with her name on it- with a picture of school that was screaming for some crayola action. The little boy next to her was just boo-hooing. Britton just kept on a coloring!

I took some photos, which I am determined to get uploaded, and then whispered in her ear that I love and to have a wonderful day.

Little did she know I packed a special note in her blue sear sucker lunch box, along with a photo of Mommy and Daddy.

She waved goodbye and I walked out, lulled in the hallway watching her from afar to see if she was hesitate.

No hesitation.

She had started kindergarten….

When I picked her up this afternoon, I asked Britton if she made any new friends- and in true Britton fashion she said “Yes, Ty”.

That’s my girly girl, don’t let the bows fool you- always friends with the boys!