Britton’s school

This is why I love her school.

I received this email from her teach around lunch time today:

“Well we are off to a fabulous start this morning. We have already gone to PE and played in the gym, learned all about the computer lab with Mr. G, read two books, sang songs and played at two of the six workstation rotations (home living, loft, toys, playdough, painting or measuring with Mrs. Taylor) we will go to this week! Now they are on the playground with Mrs. Taylor! I am taking lots of pictures and hope to have them posted on my web page later this afternoon. (Key word there was hoping!)

Everyone seems happy and the tears are gone. I am sure they will all be eager to eat when it’s time for lunch! Wish us luck.. the lunch room on the first day is always a little overwhelming! By Thursday they will be old pros!. They will be ready for a rest when we get back and then we will color and play with math tubs. We also graphed how many people had cereal for breakfast… 5 yes and 11 no’s. We have begun working on identifying each other’s names and will practice “walking in” from the front of school drop off line so when they are ready for you to drop them off in the morning they will know what to do.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.. this morning has gone so well and I am looking forward to a terrific year! Please check to make sure you received this on all the emails you sent me. If I made a mistake or you need to add or delete one let me know. Thanks, Mrs. S”