Date night x2

Big Daddy and I get TWO date nights in ONE weekend!

My parents graciously offered to keep our little girls (who were delivered this evening in their full princess attire) until tomorrow night.

We’ve already gone to dinner, and the movies. Tomorrow, we plan to go for a run, sit by the pool, hit some golf club.. and then I have a surprise up my sleve for the Big Guy. Since he doesn’t even know how to find this blog (much less read it)– we are driving down to the coast for dinner at Angelo’s.

A pina colida, fresh seafood, hopefully some live music- a good way to end the summer. School starts Monday and I for one am very happy.

Britton is going to the same school that I attended for 13 years- and it still looks much the same. She will have to sport their new uniforms though. Uniforms were debated while I was in school and as a student I thought they were a HORRIBLE idea.

Now as a parent, I think they are a WONDERFUL idea. My have things changed.

We drove home tonight at midnight, after our watching our movie ‘Swing Vote’ with Kevin Costner. I haven’t been driving on the roads at midnight in a long long time.

Every house was dark and the streets were empty. I am usually sawing logs at that time- but given the amount of ‘Severe Cold- daytime medicine’ I’ve taken today, I will probably be bug-eye just a while longer.

But who cares- I can sleep in tomorrow!! Maybe even until 9:00am!!

Thank you MOM!